SWAMI VIVEKANANDA UNIVERSAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION at Krishnanagar Birbhum symbolizes my good wishes, ambitions and aspirations for the upliftment and prosperity of the people of this area and particularly the younger generation who have been siNCE long deprived of their legitimate right of getting higher education for want of such facilities in the area. I am fully confident and expect that over the years the institution will come-up as An excellent centre of knowledge and learning and will prove to be a pioneer institution in setting exemplary records on the academic horizon specially in the field of Teacher Education both primary teachers training ,affiliated to West Bengal Board of Primary Education ,B Ed affiliated to the University of Burdwan ,4 years integrated BA,B Ed/B Sc B Ed in the state and also in catering to the educational needs of the youths of this area.

I also would like to advise the young students that no achievement or success is possible in life without hard toil. So, they should always strive very hard in pursuing their studies and acquire education not merely for getting certificates, degrees or jobs but for the sake of knowledge and learning alone.

My blessings and good wishes are always bestowed on them and I always long for their well being and prosperity in life wherever they are.

“This is the first lesson to learn: be determined not to curse anything outside, not to lay the blame upon anyone outside, but stand up, lay the blame on yourself. You will find that is always true. Get hold of yourself SWAMI VIVEKANANDA.