Dear Students, One must continue to strive for better life in the future-Life becomes meaningless if one stops dreaming and struggling to achieve those dreams. Success does not come to you on a silver platter. Hard work, commitment and dedication brings us closer to success.

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA UNIVERSAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Krishnanagar, Birbhum, West Bengal is one of the premier institutions of teacher education of Rajasthan. It is one of the oldest colleges conducting B.Ed , D.El.Ed and 4 years integrated programs. It aims at producing well skilled and efficient teachers. The motto of the college “We live for children” sums up the life of a teacher. Children are the future of the nation and a teacher has the responsibility of nurturing their talent, building their character and making them useful and productive citizens of the country

In this age of fast-changing technology, values have been left far behind and we are left groping in the dark. A teacher, in such a situation has to become a role model and a torchbearer for the children.

The college has a magnificent building, spacious lawns, well-equipped laboratories and a rich library. The college staff is highly qualified and dedicated. The college aims at the harmonious development of the personality of the students and provides a conducive environment for learning. It emphasizes on value based education and upholds traditions. The college has covered many milestones of success and has a reputation of providing motivated and exemplary teachers to the society.

At the heart of our college w are with the attitude to create the right achievement which we continually endeavor to make part of our ethos. As pioneers in education, we have had our activities constantly monitored to ensure that the best academic standards are maintained, we have established a reputation as such and well continue to maintain it.

We aim to continue providing our students with sufficient skills, knowledge and attitude to meet the challenges of the society. In this respect, besides academic activities, the institute run students’ houses and clubs which exists to promote their educational, sorting, social and general interests and the student officers of these houses and clubs play most valuable roles. With best wishes for a bright future.